My Mission: To provide safe, healthy, and therapeutic touch to children and adults with and without special needs in an environment that promotes harmony within oneself and within the whole family. 

In today's world of technology we are seeing a dramatic decrease in the amount of "face time" spent with one another.  This includes a decrease in healthy touch not only for adults, but for our children as well.  A growing amount of research is showing that the effects of this decreased touch can greatly affect our wellbeing.  Become part of the movement to include healthy touch in your life!  See my newly added family massage package under "Services and Rates" for more information on what this might look like for you.

While I specialize in family massage (including pregnancy, infant, pediatric, and whole family massage), I am also trained in and practicing deep tissue, therapeutic, injury treatment, and hot stone massage.  My treatment massage style involves incorporating several techniques (myofascial release, shiatsu, trigger point therapy, passive stretching, and structural release therapy amongst others), to decrease tension and spasm in the muscles and surrounding soft tissues.

 The other important piece in my treatments includes client education.  This is highly important, as many times, a largely contributing factor in successful treatment is continuing your treatment after you leave my office by way of stretching, hydrotherapy (heat/cold packs), and overall knowledge of our bodies and our muscles.  In family massage, this will also include educating parents and children in massaging one another on a regular basis at home.

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